Minimax original 1 part wetroom drain

minimax 1 part wetroom drain
£ 37.00 each


Minimax Single Part Wetroom Drain

A low profile gulley / drain for a wetroom shower area. The monobloc body is perfect for setting into a concrete floor.

Minimax single part drain

Minimax Single Part Drain Features

  • High Capacity 38 litres per minute
  • 50mm side connection complete with adaptor to 40mm
  • Height just 70mm + 6mm fall on the outlet. Diameter 130mm
  • NOOD (no odour trap) prevents odours entering the room even if the trap runs dry
  • Water trap easily removable for cleaning
  • Use with vinyl flooring or Tiles with the optional Tiling adaptor

Minimax Drain Options

The standard Mini Brage drain comes complete with a round plastic grid or optional round stainless steel grids for use with vinyl flooring.  

Or it can be fitted with a square grid, stainless steel or designer, for a tiled floor.





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