One Deck - One Size fits all wetroom former

one size fits all wet room deck
£ 741.00 each

Linear grids
Drain outlet


ONE-DECK cut to size - One Deck fits all

An easy option to get a deck to fit any space. This massive wetroom deck is 1800 x 1200mm giving a huge showering area. Just cut it down to size to fit smaller designs.  

With a single main slope to the linear drain large tiles can be used without the normal diagonal cuts.  

These decks can be laid directly on to existing floors or at joist level when fully supported by under-boarding. 

one deck wetroom deck

one deck gradient wetroom floor former

Kit Contents

  • Foam-cored wetroom floor former deck with cut out for linear drain - one size fits all
  • Drain/trap with grid options - see below for grid and outlet options 
  • 8kg Tanking compound (covers 10m2and primer
  • 10m Joint tape, 2 x corner reinforcements & 2 x pipe collars 

Underlay Wetroom Deck 

DIY Wetroom only supplies the highest grade foam-cored decks with a compressive loading of 30 tonnes per square meter giving the confidence to use 25mm mosaic tiles without the danger of them sinking. These decks provide the perfect fall to the drain in a solid sheet with no weak joints.

With a solid floor or under-boarding the deck provides the perfect, stable surface for tiling over with large or small ceramic tiles.

one deck dimensions


Tanking for Piece of Mind - Guaranteed

The DIY Wetroom tanking compound and joint reinforcement completes the most reliable wetroom system available. When installed to the detailed instructions, the DIY wetroom kit has a "life of tiling" guarantee.

High Flow, Easy Fit Drain

Living Linear wetroom Drain optionsThe patented NOOD (no-odour) trap ensures no bad smells even if the trap runs dry.  It gives a flow rate of up to 72 litres per minute (105mm models) and is BBA approved. The design makes the linear drain easy to assemble after the deck is fitted. The outlet options cater for all design possibilities.

Choose either a shallow horizontal outlet (36 lpm, just 52mm below the deck) or the deeper side, end or vertical options.

The kit is supplied with the 600mm drain. Call to upgrade to the 800mm drain. 

Wetroom Linear Drain profile

Grid Choice

The standard grid option is a stainless steel tray that can be tiled over or you can choose to upgrade to one of the stylish patterned grids.

Drain cover options for linear wetroom drain

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