Maxo membrane

Maxo membrane under tile waterproofing
£ 25.00 each


Maxo Membrane 1m wide

Superior polymer membrane with reinforcing mesh for gripping tiles and geo-textile backing for adhering to substrate. The 3mm thick membrane is specially constructed to isolate the substrate from the tiles to prevent cracks or movement of floors and walls affecting the tiling.

maxo decoupling mebrane detail

Maxo is a waterproofing and de-coupling membrane to stop tile-cracking over timber or concrete with embedded UFH pipes.  For wet floors, joints should be sealed with water proofing tape. Maxo Mebrane can also be used over external walkways and verandas prior to tiling. Bonds using flexible tile adhesive (bag-powder type).

  • For tiling over concrete with embedded UFH pipes where expansion and contraction will cause cracking of tiling.
  • For tiling over timber floors where de-coupling will prevent cracking of tiling.
  • For lining basement floors and walls to stop damp penetration.
  • For waterproofing wetroom floors.
  • For tiling inferior or cracked substrates amd mixed substrates.
  • For waterproofing exterior balconies and walkways of steel or timber.
  • For protecting porous substrates, eg timber, plasterboard from moisture.

Rolls available 5m and 30m

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